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Talking about Friends



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does one risk a friendship being lost by telling his/her friend how he is making bad decisions? even when the friend making the bad decisions requested honest feedback on the subject in the past?

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Susan Boyle LIVE @ Wembley 21/06/09

  YouTube – Susan Boyle LIVE @ Wembley 21/06/09 – Britains Got Talent

I, like half of the globe, fell in love with her during that first appearance on Britain’s Got Talent. I also had an immediate sense of needing to protect her and routing for her to come to terms with the immense level of fame that has fallen into her lap. She is so unassuming and endearing that I simply couldn’t have NOT fallen in love with her. She isn’t clawing at the cameras, demanding every single second, above and beyond her fifteen minutes, go on forever. And that pure and innocent sort of soul is also combined with AM AMAZING and beautiful gift/talent and I’d like to see one single reality tv show star produce some of that on a show.

Talent that is…..


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After five tedious and soul draining months of searching I finally landed work @ a salon today! If it were to taken a single day longer I may have very well gone postal. Oh, and been a homeless bum…..
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another blog entry

i wouldn’t classify this as a rant or a rave but, well, a blog entry….
so. i moved to greeley, colorado  at around the beginning of may of this year.  after having lived in denver for a good thirteen years, moving to greeley was weird.   the pop. of greeley is only around 90,000 which makes it more than all the other  avg. small towns, usa. but after 13 years in denver’s downtown and capitol hill area, it will take time for me to get accustomed to the lifestyle here. the dominant issue, naturally, is not necessarily the fact that i am gay but more the fact that i wear gay so comfortably.
for anyone who is reading this that isn’t gay themselves or doesn’t know a gay person intimately i would like to tell you the defining truth of sexuality, as i see it. i was born into this world a gay man. thats it. most questions can be answered with that statement. i knew, in like 2nd or 3rd grade that going to the boys room after recess was super cool cuz i got to look at the boys’ ‘parts’ and that made me feel way more tingly inside than the thought of seeing the girls’ ‘parts’. it’s always been there. the most significant difference between me and any other gay man out there is that i grew up in a southern baptist town in south gorgia (pop. 600) but absolutey never bought into the constant hype about the inherent evil and sin that was homosexuality. i knew even in the early yuears that it was normal and natural and everyone around me had the problem. i was lucky in this regard. but i digress….
so i have always been comfortable with my sexuality. once i hit the age of about 15 or 16 i was living on my own (was disowned when i came out 2 years earlier) and had no intention of ever again worrying about whether the way i held my fork @ dinner was to girlish or smelling a flower would me make me look to girlish. so, i get the looks  up here in greeley. nothing has happened to make warrant any serious concern but i notice things and store them. cheyenne only about 50 miles away and there’s no way any of you have forgotton the atroccities taken out on Matthew Sheppard on the 12th october 1998.  or what happened most recently in, lo and behold greeley, co. i’m speaking of the Angie Zapata murder. so. i tend to lean toward thinking with my mouth open. or my fingers typing. once it’s all out of my head i can look at my thought patterns and recognize them for what they are. so i’ve spat out some  thoughts that have been in my head lately and will undoubtedly come back to this in a few days and be able to see what i needed to accomplish from getting these thought out of my head.
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